About Us

I started Everything Spice with a view to offering customers high quality products at very competitive prices.

Our range has evolved through customer feedback and I am very pleased with what we have available for people to enjoy and hopefully come back for more!

As you can see we sell a wide range of curry kits,sauces ,spices and herbs and we are continually looking at sourcing and developing new products for our customers to enjoy.

If you are looking for something spice or curry related and you cannot find it on the website send an email with what you are looking for and I am sure we will be able to help.

Have you tried our curry kits?

All of our curry kits have been blended from the highest quality spices and each kit contains a 45g sachet which is sufficient for 6-8 individual servings. They are very simple to use with a recipe included and you can create very authentic curries in 30 minutes.

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